This product has many names, stringing lights between trees, bannister rails or over an open court yard is a fabulous look.  Ampa has dozens of combination to offer, from heavy duty commercial grade cable perfect for long runs and high wattage needs, to lighter duty C7.  Ampa offers dimmable systems, systems strictly for decorative purposes and options for illumination.  With the Commercial Grade Cable, higher wattage medium screw base bulbs can be used in combination with Paper Lanterns.  New LED Globe bulbs are great when there is limited power availability.




Cost is directly related to installation sight.  The easier the installation, the more cost effective.  At sites with no attachment points, Ampa has built very nice planter boxes to house heavy counter weight requirements for safe installs.  Price is also directly related to illumination.  If you need illumination, heavier gage electrical cable (commercial grade) is required to carry the high Wattage needed for Illumination.

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Designer's Notes:  There are many variables to consider when choosing Market Lights.  Many clients come to us with a One Price Option they have researched.  As you can see, there are many options. Ampa will work with you on the variables to make a proper recommendation.

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