Why Lighting?


Lighting is the best "Add On" to enhance a room for any event:


    •  Colors are limitless.

    •  Easy to install.

    •  Incredible Results

    •  Reasonable price for a transformative effect

Why Ampa?


Lighting is a technical service that comes to us from theatre.  Ampa employs many Theatre professionals with University degrees and formal training.  Ampa's technicians have  knowledge of theory, artistry and practicality of lighting for events.  Creativity, Knowledge and Experience is what Ampa provides.

What Effects & Options are available?


The list is quite extensive.  Ampa brings 20 years of experience to your event and the equipment.  From night sky to slow color change on sheers, please click through the above options to see more:

Market Options vs the Right Option?


Many providers in the market will tend to recommend the same elements.  There are differences.  How do you compare apples to apples?  At Ampa we have 6 conventional and 6 LED options for Uplighting.  For Buffet Table illumination we have about 7 options.  For the projection of Monogram Gobos, we have theatre instruments with numerous lens options that allow for different "throw distances" and Ampa also offers LED fixtures for Gobo Projectors.  Ampa's goal is to recommend the Right Option for the specific site and budget.


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